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rma network is the only association of independently-owned livestock and property agents in Australia, with over 140 offices and more than 750 staff members.

About us

The evolution of rma network

Established in 1994, Rural Marketing Agents Ltd is an Australian company owned by its members for the professional benefits of those businesses and their branches. Today, rma network has 86 head offices with 36 branch offices; and a collective staff of over 750 livestock, property, merchandise and administration personnel. rma network members cover the majority of Australian states including Queensland, Tasmania and South Australia, with strong representation throughout New South Wales and Victoria. Individually, rma network members enjoy a reputation for being the best of the best in the industry, but as a group they are a significant force in the agricultural industry with a collective annual turnover in excess of $8.5 billion.

The operating arm of the organisation is funded through our involvement in livestock transit insurance. rma network offers transit insurance to members through a major marine insurance company and offers that insurance at very competitive rates to its membership. rma network receives an income from this source which funds all the operational activities of rma network.


Our Team Who Support Our Members

The evolution of rma network

Eight seats are held on the rma network Board of Directors. The Board of Directors meet face-to-face each quarter inFebruary, May, July and October of each year. In between these meeting times, phone conferences may be held to address issues of importance or urgency.

President of the Board

Peter O’Connor, AJF Brien & Sons, Coonamble, NSW

Vice President of the Board

Andrew Whan - Miller Whan & John, Mt Gambier, SA


Andrew Peadon - Andrew Peadon Agencies, Trangie, NSW
Bernie Grant - LMB Livestock, Hamilton VIC
Jack Kelly - J & J Kelly, Warrnambool, VIC
Phillip Butt - Butt Livestock & Property, Yass, NSW
Andrew Whan - Miller Whan & John, Mt Gambier, SA
Chris Clemson - Clemson Hiscox, Walgett, NSW
Peter O’Connor - AJF Brien & Sons, Coonamble, NSW
Shad Bailey - Colin Say & Co, Glen Innes, NSW

rma network Staff

Guided by the rma network Board of Directors, staff members are employed by rma network to fulfill daily and directional operational needs.

General Manager

Michael O’Brien

NSW Membership Coordinator

John Peden

Advertising & Promotions

Olivia Holmes

Communications & Marketing

Courtney Harris / Kirsty Brasser

Communications, Advertising & Member Support

Jennifer Impey


Kathy Kalmar

code of ethics

rma network, through its members, represents the highest standard of livestock and property agency practice in Australia. Its unceasing aim is that the practice of livestock and property agency be universally recognised as a profession respected and trusted by all. As a necessary move towards this goal rma network recognises the importance of setting out in clear and unambiguous terms its Code of Ethics conduct binding on all members of this Association and stresses that this Code be observed and practised by all its members both in the letter and the spirit as membership is conditional in its strict observance

Maintenance of the reputation of the Association and of the high standard of ethical practice is the direct responsibility of every member.

The confidential and responsible nature of our work makes it a matter of public concern that the reputation of members for integrity and efficiency should be beyond question.

The prestige of any professional body depends to a great extent upon the ethical standards observed by its individual members, both in their association with one another and in the relationship with the community in general and the duty therefore devolves upon every member to conduct his business in a manner which will effectively uphold and enhance the reputation of the industry

Member services

  • Livestock and Property Listing Services
  • Rural Newspaper Advertising
  • Market Report Videos
  • Livestock, Marina and Debtors Insurance
  • Members Only Resources Website
  • Accredited Member Statu
  • PPSR Documentation Support
  • Member Referral Program
  • Promotional Products
  • Member Training Events

Become a member

Interested in becoming a member?

Membership of the rma network is open to Australian livestock and property agencies where a competing entity does not have a controlling interest, as defined by the rma network constitution. This allows the rma network to remain free of the corporate bodies whilst giving members the network support and opportunities that may otherwise be out of reach as a privately owned agency.

Applicants are required to be nominated and seconded by two existing members of the rma network. A completed application form is to be returned to the General Manager and on receipt, all members of the rma network are given the opportunity to raise any objections. If any objections are raised these are then dealt with by the Executive who have the power to accept/decline any application with no explanation given.

The applicant will be notified in writing when a completed application form is received and again on approval/decline.

Membership is strictly available only to agency businesses that demonstrate the highest standard of professionalism and ethical conduct.

Along with the rma network Marine Transit Scheme, the association is also funded by member's subscriptions which are determined each year by the Board, according to budgeted expenses.

The subscription for the 2020 - 2021 year is $1,300.00 per principal office and $250.00 per branch office. Subscriptions are based on the rma networks tax year May - April. There is also a once only joining fee of $250.00.

You can apply anytime and subscriptions for new memberships are charged pro-rata for the remaining subscription year.

New members of rma network are strongly urged to support the rma network Marine Transit Insurance scheme as all funds raised by the rma network are put back into the network as benefits and services for its members.

If your application is accepted by the Executive, new members are asked to allocate time for all staff to be inducted to the rma network. This will require a visit by an rma network staff member or representative to deliver face-to-face the rma network together with an introductory pack.